Friday, June 27

Search Warrants Released in Eve Carson Case

A judge today allowed for the release of search warrants in the Eve Carson murder investigation. Links to the search warrants are below.

From the beginning, I was worried this was going to turn it to be a by-the-book crime: a guy, maybe two, get brave and break the law, then brag about it to someone, get caught and are handed the deserved punishment. I think Demario James Atwater and Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr. both deserve death, the most horrible death allowed, but I won't go down that road.

One of the search warrants I read today said some evidence requested was Pubic hair combings, 50 pubic hairs, 50 head hairs, blood, and saliva and cheek scrapings from Atwater, who she was in the back seat with. A warrant also says police have probable cause to believe "sexual assault of an unknown nature occurred," though neither Lovette nor Atwater has been charged with such an assault. I think the autopsy report is telling on this issue, and is scheduled for release on Monday (June 30).

According to the warrants, both men admitted to a confidential witness (CW) that they entered Carson's home, forced her into the backseat with Atwater and withdrew $1,400 from her bank account over two days. They then each shot her. She died of multiple gunshot wounds. If a sexual assault did occur, it was in the backseat of her car.

If there is a God, these two will be tried, found guilty, and killed in some unimaginable way.

Links to search warrants:

Warrant One
Warrant Two
Warrant Three
Warrant Four
Warrant Five
Warrant Six


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